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About our Vestry

The Vestry of All Saints is made up of 15 members, one third of whom are elected for a three-year term each year at the annual parish meeting in the fall. The Vestry elects the Senior and Junior Wardens from among its members for the coming year at the November vestry meeting.  The Vestry meets the third Monday evening of each month, and occasionally for special meetings.  Traditionally, the current years’ Junior Warden is elected Senior Warden the following year.

2020 Vestry: 

Sr. Warden: Bryson Waldo

Jr. Warden: Andrew Edwards

Clerk: Martha Miller

Vestry members serving until January 2022:

Adam Edwards, Debbie MashburnLee Anne McCalleyTerry ThrashBryson Waldo

Vestry members serving until January 2023:

Brad BennettAndrew EdwardsReynolds HarperSusan PonderBeau Strong

Vestry members serving until January 2024:

Whit BirdMandy DorseySally ElwoodDavid KesslerFelicia Noerager



Parish Administration: Commissioner: Bryson Waldo; Members: Nancy TerrellHank PoellnitzAndrew Edwards

Evangelism and Outreach: Commissioner: Julie Cash; Members: Beau StrongTerry Thrash

Parish Life: Commissioner: Miles Parsons; Members: Lee Anne McCalleyBrad BennettReynolds Harper

Christian Formation: Commissioner: Adam Edwards; Members: Debbie MashburnSusan Ponder


Vestry Responsibilities and Structure Based Upon Church Canons

The vestry of any Episcopal parish has four primary responsibilities. It serves as the legislative authority for the parish and shall transact all of the temporal business of the parish.

The primary  responsibilities are:

1. Take care of the parish finances

2. Care and maintain parish facilities

3. Choose parish leadership:

  • Interview and call a Rector
  • Elect delegates to the Annual Diocesan Convention
  • Establish parish committees/task forces
  • Appoint representatives to parish school board and/or community boards

4. Assist the Rector in the nurture and extension of Christ’s Church.

The legal standing of a Parish Vestry is drawn from three sources: Constitution and Canons of the Episcopal Church, the Charter and Canons of the Diocese of Alabama, and parish customs and published vestry policies.


  • Vestry Retreat:  A retreat is held at the end of January for all members of the Vestry.
  • Monthly Vestry Meetings: Third Monday of each month in the Great Hall; dinner starts at 6:00 p.m., meeting starts at 6:30 p.m.
  • Advisory Meetings: First Monday of each month at 6:00 p.m.
  • Finance Committee: Second Monday of each month at 6:30 p.m.; Jackson-Thorpe room
  • VPOD Schedule 
  • Dinner schedule for Vestry meetings 

The All Saints Commission Structure

By 2001, it was apparent to the leadership of the parish that All Saints had grown to the point that the pastoral model for churches (in which the Rector is the key touchstone for all programs and activities) was no longer suitable for the parish.  The vestry met in retreat at Camp McDowell in February 2002 to consider the mission and organization of the parish.

At that retreat a revised mission statement for the parish was developed and subsequently adopted:

The mission of All Saints Episcopal Church is to worship God and minister to each other and the community so that Christ’s transforming love may be known in the world.

The Vestry also agreed to develop an organization that would allow the parish to function as a program model church in which the Rector and Vestry delegate more responsibility to the laity through organized commissions and committees rather than serve as the central contact on each program and activity. 

Each program/activity of the church falls under the oversight of a committee.  Each committee has a chair and a job description and meets on a regular basis, or as needed. The purpose of the committee is to organize, facilitate and recruit resources for the program or activity, and to ensure flow of information to and from the commission overseeing that committee. 

Each committee falls under the oversight of one of four commissions. Commissions are headed by a Commissioner who is responsible for the group of related committees and their activities in the parish. 

Each Commissioner is a member of and reports to the Advisory Committee. The Advisory Committee serves as a clearinghouse and information conduit between the commissions and the Vestry. The Rector presides at the monthly Advisory Committee meetings.

View the Commission structure here.


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