Pastoral Care

Loving Everyone in the Spirit of Christ

Where there is hurting or a need, All Saints seeks to be there in the spirit of grace and love. The following pastoral care areas are always in need of those who wish to support others emotionally, spiritually, and physically. For more information about our pastoral care ministries click on the boxes below.


Clergy contact The Rev. Anna Russell Friedman, 205.769.3191.



  • Flower Ministry

    Each week the flower ministry divides the altar flowers into smaller bouquets, then delivers them to members of All Saints’ who are suggested by Clergy or the Pastoral Care committee.

  • Funeral Guild

    When a funeral is held at the church, the funeral guild provides support for the family and bereaved. This includes greeting guests and providing refreshments for the visitations and receptions held before and after the service.

  • Mercy Meals

    Sometimes the gift of a meal makes a big difference during a difficult time. All Saints’ members gather periodically to cook and freeze delicious meals that are then delivered to a person’s home when they are needed.

  • Prayer List

    Prayer is at the heart of our ministry of pastoral care. Our parish prayer list is a valuable way of enlisting the prayer support of the entire congregation. Members on our list are prayed for aloud at Sunday services. Friends and family are prayed for during Wednesday Morning Prayer and at other times during the week. To be added to the prayer list, or to add someone else, please email Theresa below.

  • Prayer Tree

    This group of church members provides immediate prayer support in times of crisis. These prayer requests do not automatically go on our public prayer list unless requested.

  • In Stitches Knitting group

    Each Thursday afternoon, a group of All Saints’ members gather to knit shawls to be given to those experiencing a life change. These tangible signs of God’s grace are prayerfully made and blessed by a priest before being delivered to someone in need.

  • Sermon Ministry

    Each week the 11:00 a.m. Sunday service is recorded, and a copy of this service is mailed or delivered to home-bound members. The sermon portion is also downloaded to our website. The sermon ministry is another way the family of All Saints’ connects with one another.